Plurilang Kids

Plurilang Kids

  Educational plurilingual and pluricultural workshops for children The workshops we offer are addressed to children aged 4-12 and they are held in the premises of the Aristotle University which have been properly arranged for children by a group of

Plurilang Teachers Training

Plurilang Teachers Training

TEACHERS TRAINING Long-distance and in-person seminars, through the operational program “Lifelong Learning” of the Aristotle University for teachers training in plurilingualism, immigration, intercultural education. Upon completion of the seminars, participants will be given: (a) a certificate of participation (b) a

Plurilang Families

Plurilang Families

Speeches and discussion groups for the parents The research group Pluralités also aims at the active participation of the parents in the development of the plurilingual skills of the children. Therefore, we offer to the parents the possibility of free

Current and upcoming workshops, seminars, events of the PLURALITÉS Research Team



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International Collaborations

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IRISplurilingua    Website   

Pluralités Research Group is an official member of the International IRIS Project.
The IRIS project, centered on teacher training, proposes building tools useful to improve the skills of teachers and educators working in multicultural contexts characterized by the presence of multilingual individuals. The goal is to enable the teachers to enhance the multilingualism of their learners and make the relationship with the host environment more positive and inclusive. The skills acquired will enable teachers to take on a leading role, in the institution where they operate, in all actions that facilitate the inclusion of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors.

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DULALA    Website   

Since 2009, DULALA Organization has developed an integrated project that relies on professional networks, institutional stakeholders and researchers. A laboratory specialized in plurilingual and intercultural education, DULALA develops innovative tools that are tested in the field during workshops with children and are promoted via training sessions, in order to turn children's languages into a catalyst for better living and learning.
DULALA has created a free digital application in which you can discover multilingual kamishibais (a form of street Japanese theater) in which several languages and sign languages coexist.
Pluralités Research Team has signed a Collaborative Protocol with the DULALA Scientific Association for the organization of an International Multilingual Kamishibaï Contest in 2018.

Social Contribution

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Polydromo    Website   

Part of the students’ tuition fees will be used so as to offer lessons in the French language to refugee children, in cooperation with the interuniversity group “Polydromo” for bilingualism and pluriculturalism in education and society.

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The research group Pluralités is going to use part of the students’ tuition fees for plurilingual and pluricultural activities addressed to refugee children.



Promotion of the multilingual activities performed by the Research Group Pluralités to the Mass Media

TV News Broadcast, “EPT3”, June 22nd 2017
TV Show «Πάρτε Θέση» hosted by the journalist Christina Kanataki, Channel “TV100” June 7th,  2017
Radio broadcast ” ΑΠΕριττα” with journalist Alexandra Hadjigeorgiou,  Athens-Macedonian News Agency ; 104,9FM;  June 7th, 2017